Busy first few months for Destination Eventing!

Since we opened in May, it has been a couple of very busy months for us! Our barn is now almost full- we have one open stall and one more that will open up when a student goes away to college in the fall. We have been cleaning, painting, organizing, buying, and repairing everything for the farm along with competing, training, teaching and getting everything ready for our open house and ICP assessment. I’m so proud to say we did get everything done in time and that everything ran smoothly for both events!

We had a great open house day despite the little bit of rain- it had been so hot, that it felt great! ICP was this past week and was co-hosted by Carolyn Mackintosh of Loch Moy Farm and Maryland HT. Carolyn graciously agreed to let us use her competition course for the XC lessons. MANY, MANY THANKS!!! We are also happy to announce that Suz passed her USEA ICP Level I- Training certification and will be preparing for taking her Level II in the future! Now our farm has 3 ICP Instructors!

Our open house was set up where people could bring their horses and do schooling jumper rounds over our newly painted show jumps. Many people took advantage of this! We also had DCP Photography and Equine Synergy Bodywork on hand with displays and demo’s of their work. Big thanks to David and Cyndi for supplying this!

Amazingly, with all of this going on and settling into a new place, we actually have all gotten out and competed a lot! Caroline Muller, who was a new addition to our barn recently, won the novice at the first MD HT and then moved up to training level at the 2nd one with a great go. Annie Horrigan also moved up to training level successfully. Corinne Frankel continued to have a successful spring season winning the prelim at Waredaca and Seneca, placing 6th at Surefire, and 2nd at Maryland HT.  They are on their way to a CIC* and CCI* this fall. Ed Baker has had many great outings with both of his horses and has plans for the training level 3 day this fall. Lara Miller just started getting her horse out again and is hoping to move back up the levels soon. EJ is just back from having her daughter and hopes to be out again competing this fall. David is just getting back going with things as well after they had their daughter and will be out competing again soon. Chloe just moved her horse up to novice recently. Melissa was 8th at the CCI* in may and moved Jarmin up to Intermediate at Seneca in June. They go to Millbrook next week and hopefully to a CCI** this fall. Alex moved her horse up to novice with a great go as well at MD HT. Charlotte moved her horse Ham up to prelim at Seneca and also took Mardi training level at waredaca to finish 3rd. Congrats to Charlotte on her purchase as well! Cydney went out BN with Jasper and has been schooling training so we will see her moving up soon too! Suz and Natalie both have some nice young horses they are working on bringing along but not competing much yet. Corinne also just bought a lovely 4 yr old that will be starting out this summer. Melinda is healing up well from her fall and looks forward to being in the saddle again soon. Ann and Brenda are getting their horses outside and out of the ring so much more this summer and having a blast riding.  So yes, it has been a busy summer!!!

Now that the open house and ICP are over, we are looking forward to a little bit of a break ( if even only a week!) and then getting ready for fall events! Natalie and Suz are also running a mud dog 5k this weekend and are doing the Super Spartan in august and a Tough Mudder in September. This is all by influence of our good friend Kerry Blackmer….. hopefully, they survive! Well that was a quick run down but covered most everything that has been going on. Hopefully now we can keep everyone up to date more often! Certainly will try!