Things I am thankful for

I’ve been recently thinking about things I am thankful for with it being Thanksgiving. I’m thankful that I have boarders telling us to “quit having so much fun at work” when we are laughing together in the barn aisle way. I am thankful to have two amazing friends for business partners and to have started such a successful business together that only looks to be getting better and better every month. I am thankful for the support of so many good friends and family members. I am thankful that we have so many amazing clients and horses to work with daily. I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue our dreams and start our own business together. Things could not be going any better really! I now have a job/business that I love going to every day and it is so enjoyable that it is hard to get us to take our day off weekly that we try to force ourselves to take!  I am thankful for a wonderful staff that works hard, treats the horses as their own, and deeply cares about the horses and people that board there. I am thankful that when I am out of town or take a day off that I know my horses and clients are well cared for as if I am there- and I know that is something that the other two business partners are very, very thankful for as well! I am thankful that with three of us doing this together, we will not get burnt out and will have time to have a “real life” and other outside interests when we choose to do so.  I am thankful for so many nice horses to ride- of my clients and of my own thru the help of Phyllis Dawson and of my longtime supporter/owner Virginia Benz. I am thankful that so many of my students are making such great progress with their horses and reaching their goals. And that if they have not reached them yet, they are hard at work on the road to getting there! I am thankful that our clients and boarders are like family to us and that everyone pitches in to help out or be there for someone when it’s needed. I am thankful that my students do not hate me for insisting that it is “no stirrup november”! Actually they are taking it on as a mission to improve their position. I am thankful that when something happens like Hurricane Sandy, our clients show up and chip in to help in every aspect that they can. I am thankful for all the yummy food that our clients bring to the office daily that we eat ! I am really saying that I am thankful for Destination Farm. It is a wonderful place and has brought so much happiness to me and to so many other people. I hope we continue to do so in the future for all of us and for many others!!!