Our new logo gear is here! Down jackets, fleece jackets, soft shell jackets, vests, and long sleeved polo’s!


Well, I guess if the world does come to an end tomorrow with the ending of the Mayan calendar cycle, we will go out in style at least !!!

Anyone that missed out ordering something, contact me as I will be placing another order soon I am sure! Everything turned out great!


Hope everyone can join us for our jumper shows this winter! They will be on Saturday Jan 5th and Saturday Feb 9th- weather permitting of course! If you are unsure because of the weather, feel free to call any of us to find out if we are having the shows. Plans will be for the shows to be indoors with warm up outside for the most part. We will have some breaks that we will allow people to warm up in the indoor as well. Cold will not be a problem, but we need to be able to have a majority of warm up outside ( as well as parking!)  so the weather has to cooperate some to make these shows happen! These will be low key, fun shows with good courses for all levels- from beginners doing poles to the seasoned competitors doing the 3 ft 6. If there is interest, we can have a class or two higher than 3 ft 6 – just let me know! Casual attire is fine- just make sure you have an approved helmet.  If your horse has problems at a fence, we will put the fence down and help you school over it.  If you can’t remember your course, we will tell you where to go. We want everyone to have a positive learning experience and have fun! We are hoping to have some refreshments available- coffee, hot chocolate, soda, water, as well as some food. Shows will start at 9am. Remember to bring a current coggins! If you need a release form prior to the show- email us and we can send you one.  Classes will be $15 each. Hope to see everyone there!

Class List for Sat Jan 5th and Sat Feb 9th

1 and 2- poles

3 and 4- 18inch to 2ft

5 and 6- 2 ft 3

7 and 8- 2ft 6

9 and 10- 3ft

11 and 12- 3ft 3

13 and 14- 3ft 6

End of this show season and starting to prepare for the next one!

Destination Farm had a great show season with our riders competing in everything from starter events to CCI’s! Many goals were met, many ribbons were won, and many plans for next year were made.

Melissa had a great season with Starstruck. They completed a spring CCI*, successfully moved up to intermediate, and ended the year with a CCI**. Qual Cat started his eventing career  this spring and moved up to training level this fall, while finishing in the ribbons at every outing. Fun Again started off his eventing career at the novice level and is preparing for more next year.

Natalie got her youngsters started going and has high hopes for them for the future! Rio is preparing to start competing next year by going to schooling shows this winter. Pumpkin and Rowdy are getting started under saddle currently. They are both outstanding movers so we have high hopes for their future as well!


Suz has a new horse, Poe, that she is getting ready to compete next year. He is super talented and has a bright future also! Korbin is continuing to be a great teacher and schoolmaster for many of her students.




Our students have had a great year as well at our new place! Ed  had a successful year at training level with Grenada and with Parker at novice. Both horses will be looking to move up the levels next year. Corinne  had many wins ( and placed 3rd for prelim YR in area 2) with her awesome horse, Goose, at the preliminary level and also got her young horse, Calib, out and starting his eventing career at BN and N. Corinne and Goose will have their sites set on NAYRC in the future and Calib will be looking at training level next year. Alex and Ricki moved up to novice and were in the ribbons consistently. They will be looking to move up to training level next year.

Annie  and Willmore had a successful season at training level and will be looking to add more miles at that level next year – with thought towards prelim with this talented youngster. Lara and Foxy moved back up to training level and were in the ribbons. They will be looking to get more miles at this level and also start thinking about prelim as well. Cydney and Jasper were successful at BN and will be ready to go novice next year. EJ and Connie had a great year at BN and moved up to novice successfully. They will be looking to continue at novice next year. David and TJ are spending the winter hard at work preparing for next year and hoping to be ready to move up to the training level in the spring.

Jessica is doing great with her young mare and they will be looking to move up to novice in the spring. Elena and Emily are both doing great taking out Sophie to events at BN. Melinda is back in the saddle and jumping again and will be preparing to get out with Unique next year.  Sandy and her mare had a successful year at training level. Erica and Kobi were successful with a move up to novice this year. Mike and Prada started getting out to events and schooling shows and will be planning for more next year. Jeff got Carlos out eventing and going successfully at the training level. Chloe and Mystica moved up to novice successfully and will be working towards training level. Jenny got her mare, Dance, out to her first competition, while also continuing to work with her other horse, Cooper, at the novice level.

Other students of ours- Ann, Brenda, Patty, Mary Beth, Milla, Christine, and Angie- are busy working on things at home currently but we will be hoping to get them out to some shows in the future!

All in all, a successful year and we can’t wait for next year! Look for spring competition schedules to be coming out soon!