Another Jumper Show planned for Feb 9th!

Our last jumper show was a great success! Big thanks to everyone that helped out and came to it! It was tons of fun and we had great weather for it! Hopefully, we will have just as good weather for the next one! Fingers crossed as I am typing that and it is 20 degrees out today with a wind chill of 5 degrees……

It’s the same info as before- show will be weather permitting, so please check if you are unsure. We need to be able to have parking and warm up outside. Classes are $15 each and there are 2 classes at each level. Show starts at 9am. We will not start the 3ft class before 1pm. We want this to be a fun and learning experience for all horses and riders so it is no problem if you need a lead, something lowered, need coaching, etc.

Food will be available on grounds and we are also planning to have a consignment table of things for sale. Feel free to call any of us if you have more questions. See you all there!!!

Class 1 and 2- poles

Class 3 and 4- 18inch to 2ft

Class 5 and 6- 2ft 3

Class 7 and 8- 2ft 6

Class 9 and 10-3ft

Class 11 and 12- 3ft 3

Class 13 and 14- 3ft 6

Class 15- 3ft 9 ( if interest!)