Jumper show for Saturday Dec 14th is Postponed!

Due to the amount of snow we have had this week, we have no where for people to park ( or warm up!) for the jumper show. There is more snow/sleet/freezing rain on the forecast for this Saturday as well, so we are postponing the jumper show. Hopefully we will be having one on Sat Dec 28th. Check our website and facebook page for more info. We also have one planned for Sat Jan 11th. Thanks!

Jumper Shows Planned for Dec 14th and Jan 11th!

js1Our first jumper shows of the season are being planned for Saturday Dec 14th and Saturday Jan 11th. In case of bad weather, please check with us before coming! We need it to be dry enough ( or frozen enough) to park in the field and to use the outdoor ring for warm up. Shows will be held inside unless for some strange reason the weather is good enough to be outside!


Shows are very informal and fun. We have a lot of newly painted show jumps so its a great place to get your horse some experience in a low key environment.


Classes are $15 each and there are 2 classes per level. 3ft will not start before noon, you can also call/text us to see how things are running.

js49am start

Class 1 and 2- Poles

Class 3 and 4- 18inch to 2ft

Class 5 and 6- 2ft 3

Class 7 and 8- 2ft 6

Class 9 and 10- 3ft

Class 11 and 12- 3ft 3

Class 13 and 14- 3ft 6

js6We hope to see you there! Contact one of us if you have any questions!


Looking ahead to 2014……

Some of you already now this, but Melissa will be leaving Destination. She has become very involved with Steplin LLC, and training/selling horses with them. Trying to compete her own horses, work with the Steplin LLC horses, teach/train/help run Destination, and driving all over the place daily doing all of this has just become too much for her. Melissa is going to take a step towards her own goals and concentrate more on competing her own horses and helping with the Steplin LLC horses. She really loves the competition/training end of the horse business and wants that to be her main focus.

Although we will miss her greatly as she is such a dear friend, we totally understand her decision and wish her the best! She is planning to go to Aiken to train/compete January thru April. If you need help in Aiken, contact Melissa! Also if you are looking for a horse for sale and don’t see what you are looking for on our page, definitely contact her about what she might have available at Steplin LLC. She then will be leasing a small barn for her horses in Virginia ( near the Steplin horses) when she returns. Hopefully that will mean less driving daily to get all of her horses ridden! And we know we will see her often as she will not be too far away!!!


With her horses leaving, we do have a few openings for stalls- so anyone that is wanting to get in intensive winter training for next season should contact us! We are planning to be up here this winter ( maybe making a few short trips south to compete, but not going down there to stay!) so will be around to help you get the jump on next season! We also have many jumper shows and clinics planned for the winter. Susan Graham White is doing dressage lessons Monday December 10th, we have the first Jumper show Saturday December 14th, and have Sharon White here for a jumping clinic Friday December 20th. Stay tuned for a full schedule!

We are also currently interviewing for a winter/spring working student.We have a great one now, Atalya, that will be leaving in May so are hoping to find someone just as great as her to fill the position. Contact me for more info.

There’s also some other VERY EXCITING things planned for Destination Farm! We have a very busy year coming up and will be announcing our schedule soon! Check back often for updates! Have a great holiday!