Event season is here!

Considering that we got 8 inches of snow on Monday, it seems like this winter is never going to end. Luckily, we did get out for the Maryland Derby last weekend and had perfect weather for it! derb1It was great to dust off the cobwebs as most of the horses have hardly been out of the indoor. We took a group of seasoned horses- Lara with Foxy, Ed with Granada and Parker, Jessica with Willmore, and Chloe with Mystica.derb2It was great to get them all out as Lara, Ed, and Jessica are all planning to go to MDHT and then Morven at training level and then ( hopefully) moving up to prelim at CDCTA!

derb3Our working student, Atalya, also got out our really nice sales horse, Tucker, for his first ever outing and he was a star! Check him out if you are looking for a really nice prospect!

DSC08572 - Version 2We also have two experienced horses, Ricochet and Tropical Image, for sale as well! See our sales page for more info on these horses!

Emma XC

r2Also, big congrats to Laila Bolsteins on the purchase of Sabino Canyon and Sandy Felker on the purchase of Sirocco!

rocky3We are so happy its event season- now just hoping that the snow melts and the fields/rings dry out enough to make it a good weekend to event! More to come once after this weekend- we have a large group going out for MDHT, Morven, and CDCTA!

Saturday January 25th Jumper Show Postponed!

Sorry we have to postpone the jumper show again, but we have a foot of snow and the temperature has not been above freezing since Monday. We will be planning to have the show in the next week or two- once the forecast is looking a little better and this snow is gone so we have a place to park everyone! Details will be posted on our website and facebook page. Thanks!

Jan 11th Jumper Show Postponed until Jan 25th!

Due to the freezing rain today and the predicted heavy rains all day tomorrow, we are postponing the jumper show. Tentatively we are set up for Saturday Jan 25th. Check back with us that week to see if we are having it for sure or not- everything is always up in the air a bit this time of year with the weather! Thanks!

Jumper show for Saturday Dec 14th is Postponed!

Due to the amount of snow we have had this week, we have no where for people to park ( or warm up!) for the jumper show. There is more snow/sleet/freezing rain on the forecast for this Saturday as well, so we are postponing the jumper show. Hopefully we will be having one on Sat Dec 28th. Check our website and facebook page for more info. We also have one planned for Sat Jan 11th. Thanks!

Jumper Shows Planned for Dec 14th and Jan 11th!

js1Our first jumper shows of the season are being planned for Saturday Dec 14th and Saturday Jan 11th. In case of bad weather, please check with us before coming! We need it to be dry enough ( or frozen enough) to park in the field and to use the outdoor ring for warm up. Shows will be held inside unless for some strange reason the weather is good enough to be outside!


Shows are very informal and fun. We have a lot of newly painted show jumps so its a great place to get your horse some experience in a low key environment.


Classes are $15 each and there are 2 classes per level. 3ft will not start before noon, you can also call/text us to see how things are running.

js49am start

Class 1 and 2- Poles

Class 3 and 4- 18inch to 2ft

Class 5 and 6- 2ft 3

Class 7 and 8- 2ft 6

Class 9 and 10- 3ft

Class 11 and 12- 3ft 3

Class 13 and 14- 3ft 6

js6We hope to see you there! Contact one of us if you have any questions!


Looking ahead to 2014……

Some of you already now this, but Melissa will be leaving Destination. She has become very involved with Steplin LLC, and training/selling horses with them. Trying to compete her own horses, work with the Steplin LLC horses, teach/train/help run Destination, and driving all over the place daily doing all of this has just become too much for her. Melissa is going to take a step towards her own goals and concentrate more on competing her own horses and helping with the Steplin LLC horses. She really loves the competition/training end of the horse business and wants that to be her main focus.

Although we will miss her greatly as she is such a dear friend, we totally understand her decision and wish her the best! She is planning to go to Aiken to train/compete January thru April. If you need help in Aiken, contact Melissa! Also if you are looking for a horse for sale and don’t see what you are looking for on our page, definitely contact her about what she might have available at Steplin LLC. She then will be leasing a small barn for her horses in Virginia ( near the Steplin horses) when she returns. Hopefully that will mean less driving daily to get all of her horses ridden! And we know we will see her often as she will not be too far away!!!


With her horses leaving, we do have a few openings for stalls- so anyone that is wanting to get in intensive winter training for next season should contact us! We are planning to be up here this winter ( maybe making a few short trips south to compete, but not going down there to stay!) so will be around to help you get the jump on next season! We also have many jumper shows and clinics planned for the winter. Susan Graham White is doing dressage lessons Monday December 10th, we have the first Jumper show Saturday December 14th, and have Sharon White here for a jumping clinic Friday December 20th. Stay tuned for a full schedule!

We are also currently interviewing for a winter/spring working student.We have a great one now, Atalya, that will be leaving in May so are hoping to find someone just as great as her to fill the position. Contact me for more info.

There’s also some other VERY EXCITING things planned for Destination Farm! We have a very busy year coming up and will be announcing our schedule soon! Check back often for updates! Have a great holiday!

How is it fall season already???

Wow time flies when you are busy! And we have been busy this year for sure!!! Sorry I have not updated this blog in forever but the time has just flown by! We had a very busy spring season, a busy summer season, and are starting off a busy fall season!

This spring and summer saw a lot of success for Destination Farm riders. I’m going to try to go down the stall chart in my head and update you on everyone’s seasons and plans. ( I hope I do not forget anyone lol).

Ed and his big horse, Granada, moved up to prelim at MDHT and did great! They are planning to do a couple more this fall and then do the training level 3 day. He’s been doing great- dressage going well, sj is getting cleaner, and working hard to get the rideability needed for the technical things on xc. His other horse, Parker, is going well at novice and planning to move up to training in the fall. His dressage has been amazing lately!

Chloe has moved up her horse, Mystica, to novice and is forming a good partnership with her talented ( although sometimes opinionated) mare. Chloe missed some time this summer while she was in Africa for almost a month so are just now getting things back together and getting ready for the fall season.

Corinne and her young horse, Calib, moved up to training and were very successful. What a talented 5 yr old! He has went from green broke to training level in a year! Her other horse, Goose, is still rehabbing from an injury but doing well. Unfortunately, Corinne and her family have just moved to NYC in the past couple weeks. We will miss them! And wish them the best for their future! And hope to see them soon at events!

Next in the line of stalls is two new boarders- Elena and Kyrie! Also further down the aisle is another new boarder, Sheila.  We welcome them and their horses, Paeton ,Sig, and Logan, to our barn family! All three are lovely horses and have been great to work with! We look forward to our future with these horses and helping them and their riders reach their goals!

Sandy and her mare, Emmy, have been very successful at training level and are looking to move up to prelim soon. She’s been taking advantage of the CT’s at Morningside ( as have many of our other students) as a great way to prep for the next level.

Brenda and her horse, Ben, have been working thru things well in the ring and excitingly just went off property ( joined by her sister, Ann, and her horse, Blossom, who has also been working well in the ring and doing our summer time jumper shows!) the other night to train in another environment in prep for shows in the future. We are super proud of what these pairs have been accomplishing! Over the past few years, their horses have not always been the most cooperative and they have had to deal with many issues with them. Things are on the right path!

Cydney and her horse, Jasper, have successfully started doing novice and are hoping to do the novice three day in the fall. Cydney was a big help to us over the summer at the farm and we are missing her as she is now busier with school again.

Melinda and her mare, Unique, have been doing great! They just finished their first BN and were in the ribbons. They will be doing more BN this fall and hopefully novice next year! I don’t know if she is thinking about novice for next year, but I am- I know she can do it!

Alex and her horse, Ricki, had a great spring season at novice and then moved up this summer to training level at MDHT! They had a great move up scoring a 35, 1 rail sj, and clean xc right on optimum time! I also rode Ricki at two events while Alex was out with an injury and he was great winning one and placing in the other. They are planning to do more training level this fall and maybe either the training or novice three day event – if she can work it out with her  busy school schedule.

Next in line is Annie’s horse, Willmore. Annie had a great spring and summer season at training and then left us at the end of August for college. She is going to school in Florida and decided it was the best decision for this fall to leave Willmore with us while she settles in. Our barn manager/assistant trainer, Jessica, is the lucky one to get to ride and compete the talented Willmore while Annie is gone. They have been forming a great partnership and will  be planning to do several training level events this fall.

Lara and Foxy have been doing great at training level and were just recently 4th at Loudoun Hunt PC HT. They are planning to move up to prelim at MDHT in October!

Mike and his mare, Prada, have been working on things at home but are planning to get out to some of the starters this fall. That is , if he can fit it into his busy schedule of working and building more jumps at Woodstock ( which we love- great place to school xc that is 5 min down the road!)  working as an EMT at many local events/shows, and helping us around the farm!

EJ and her mare, Connie, had a great move up to novice and are planning for more this fall. They have also went and done a CT at training level at Morningside and have plans to move up in the future!

David and his mare, TJ, have been successfully doing novice this year and are prepping to move up to training level. This horse used to belong to a student of mine and is a great!

Patty and her new horse, Sansa, are getting to know each other and working hard for their eventing debut this fall. They have plans for their first event in October! I know they will do great!

Suz’ “school horse” , Sophie, has been competed by both Mary Beth and Milla. Both are doing great at BN events with Sophie and are schooling novice!

Our summer time working student, Krista, has her horse, Trevi, here with us for a couple months for additional training and competing. He has been going great and Suz recently took him to MDHT starter and finished 3rd in the BN. He’s by Windfall and a lovely horse!

Joanna and her horse, Porter, are doing great at BN! They have went to several events this spring and summer and are doing great! This is a new horse for Joanna and it has been great to see their partnership develop over the last 6 months!

I think that is everyone- I really hope I did not forget anyone!!!! Now onto our horses!

Suz horses, Poe and Korbin, have been going well. Poe has been going out BN and schooling novice and Korbin has been playing the role of training level schoolmaster to many of Suz’ students. He, partnered with Chistine ( who is a former groom of Natalie’s coming back into riding after years off going to school and starting a family), went out and won their novice division at Waredaca this summer. Poe has been consistently in the ribbons at BN and also won his division at Waredaca. He is schooling novice and will be moving up soon.

Melissa has Drifter, Jarmin, and Hawker at the barn. Jarmin is going to the CIC** at Plantation this weekend! Hawker has won all three events at novice that he has went to this year and will be looking to move up to training level soon. Drifter is a new ride for Melissa and they are getting to know each other at training level currently and doing great!

Natalie’s horses have been going really well too. Rio just won his first event with a 29 and is ready for more! He did not think much of the BN course lol. Pumpkin was 2nd at two BN’s this year and just scored a 24 at her last competition in dressage! She is one to watch for the future for sure! Rowdy is only 3 yrs old, so he is just doing basic work and hacking for now- but shows that same awesome movement as his half sister, Pumpkin, and full brother, Willmore.


Jessica has her sales horse, Saki, competing BN and he is doing great! He will be ready for novice soon- he is one to watch for the future and would make a great horse for so many people!!! Check him out!

Our working student, Rachel, is doing great at novice with her horse, Tristan. They have came a long way in the last 6 months! He is a different horse and she is a different rider! They will be ready for more soon.


We have a new working student, Brandi, and her horse, Stephan. We are just starting to work with them and although he is green, he seems to be a lovely horse with a bright future. We are looking forward to bringing them along!


Well that’s pretty much an update on everyone in a condensed version! I hope to be able to keep things more updated in the future! It’s just been so crazy the past 6 months- but, BUSY IS GOOD! So, I can’t complain! We even had to build a stall to fit in another working student this summer as we were so full with horses. Luckily we had a large foaling stall that was our feed room and we converted it into a stall and a smaller feed room!

On that note- we will have a working student position coming open in mid Oct as Rachel will be leaving and we also have a couple stalls open due to Corinne’s move to NYC. So if anyone is interested in either of those things- contact one of us!