larafoxy1Destination Farm offers lessons and training from the farm’s two experienced event trainers: Suzannah Cornue and Natalie Hollis. Natalie is an  Advanced Level event rider and is an USEA ICP Level III certified instructor. Suz is an USEA ICP  Level I-Training certified instructor. Suz will be testing for her Level II ICP certification in the future! Learn more about their backgrounds on the “About Us” page.

Destination Farm offers private half-hour and hour lessons, training rides, group lessons, cross-country schooling, and coaching at events and shows for boarders and ship-in students. We also take horses in for full training. We can help you get your horse started correctly or help to move its training along faster. We are also, at times, available to come to your farm to teach lessons or give clinics.

Both Natalie and Suz are always looking to further their education. They both attend the yearly ICP symposiums and regularly train with Phyllis Dawson, Stephen Bradley, Sharon White, Mara DePuy, and Susan Graham White, who are also regular clinicians at Destination Farm.

Alex Miotla and RickiWith two of us here, there is always someone available to meet your training needs. We carefully schedule lessons to ensure that the rings are not overly crowded. Suz and Natalie also work closely with each other on every client’s training so they can easily fill in for each other when needed – whether it be for coaching at an event, giving a lesson, or riding a horse. Their methods and philosophy about training / instructing are very similar, which produces seamless continued progress in their students’ training. Whatever your destination with your riding may be, we can help you reach it!

Lessons and Training for Destination Farm Boarders

We offer the following services at Destination Farm

  • Half hour lesson
  • Hour lesson
  • Group lessons
  • Half hour training ride
  • Hour training ride
  • Coaching at events
  • Coaching at jumper/dressage shows
  • XC school

Erica DavisShip-in lessons welcome!  Fee:  Lesson cost plus $10

Use of a Destination Farm horse for a lesson:  Lesson cost plus $10

Occasionally we have clinics here, look for posts about these!

We accept horses in for training on a short term or long term basis.

We also offer lessons, training, and clinics at your own farm.

Please inquire with Suz or Natalie for pricing.


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