Destination Eventing would like to send out a big “Thank You” to our sponsors, Voltaire  Design, Rose Wood Hill Farm, C4 Belts, Synergy Equine Bodywork and Franco Tucci riding boots!

vdlogoVoltaire Design relies on the long French tradition of saddle making, but Voltaire Design is the first saddle maker to get help from the fashion industry in the designing of their products. Voltaire Design is also the first environmentally friendly saddle maker.

Visit their website to learn more about one of Suz and Natalie’s sponsors.

Virginia Benz’s farm, Rose Wood Hill, has been a long-time supporter, owner, and sponsor of Natalie’s. Virginia and Rose Wood Hill have owned and bred several of the horses Natalie has competed over the years. Those horses include: High-Tech, Ready to Rock, Lt. Benz, Hot Chilly Tilly, Major Felon, and Magical Secret. Rose Wood Hill stands Virginia’s stallion, Sam the Petty Judge, and has produced several outstanding event horses. Natalie’s two youngsters, Sabino Canyon and My Pumpkin Pie, are by Sam and owned by Virginia. Natalie is thrilled to always have a great string of horses to train and compete coming from Rose Wood Hill.

C4_LogoC4‘s mission is to promote individuality through quality belts that gives back. C4 stands for Choose your Color, Choose your Cause. Not only do you Choose the Colors to best match your style, you also Choose one of four Charities to determine how we give back 10% of your online purchase.

Choice is key; express your freedom. Visit their website too see the endless options!

SyneryEquineBodywork Synergy Equine Bodywork – the official bodywork of Destination Farm! Integrated Bodywork For Sport & Performance Horses by Cyndi Hill, Masterson Method Certified Practitioner & Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. 

A gentle, non-invasive, multi-discipline approach, integrating theory and techniques drawn from a variety of hands-on modalities within a framework of bio-mechanics and neuro-muscular processing. Each session is tailored to the individuals needs of the horse.

Bodywork can maximize your horse’s performance, whatever the sport or discipline.It can improve not only athletic performance, but your horse’s mental attitude as well.Very often, training and behavior related issues are really about discomfort. Bodywork can relieve discomfort a nd eliminate the anticipation and associated stress. You can visit their Facebook page for more information! 

Franco Tucci Riding Boots – Discover our collections: dressage, showjumping and eventing. Hunter boots, comfort Made in Italy, classic yet modern design with a fashion style.

Franco Tucci Design collection, leather riding boots featuring modern design matched to traditional equestrian style. True comfort is guaranteed while fashion details add glamour to your ride.  The most luxurious full-grain Italian leather, handmade manufacturing, made in Italy available in in many different models, leathers and finishing, our English riding boots can be embellished with real Swarovsky elements and monogramming. Thanks to our tailored service the riding boots are customizable to your specific requirements, providing the ultimate comfort and charming personalizations in order to design your own unique pair of boots.

Become a Sponsor
Sponsorship is a great way to be involved with Destination Eventing! There is something special about being a part of an event team! It’s amazing to see the partnership between these amazing athletes and dedicated riders/horsewomen and to be able to be a part of their team and help them on their road to their successes. It is all a team effort- rider, horse, groom, owner, vet, farrier, massage therapist, acupuncturist, feed dealer, tack supplier, supplements, working students, groom, clients, and the list goes on and on! You can become involved in the Destination Eventing Team as an owner, syndicate member, sponsor, or by donation.

We are always thrilled to compete horses for an owner! Contact us if you have a horse you would like trained and campaigned for you! We are happy to help your horse move up the levels or get that extra mileage needed to make them easier for you to compete.

Syndication is one way to to become involved in owning a share of an event horse without taking on all of the financial responsibilities. You can learn more about this option at Experience Eventing. We have not listed any of the current Destination Eventing horses for syndication yet, but this is something we are looking to do in the future! Feel free to contact us if this is something you are interested in- It’s a great way to get involved with owning an event horse and being part of the team!

We are always interested in promoting quality products! Sponsorship is another great way to be part of the team by helping to supply us with the products that our horses and riders need to perform at the top of their game! We stand behind any product that we promote!

If you are interested in helping to support Destination Eventing but ownership, syndication, or sponsorship seems not quite the right fit for you, then consider making a donation through the American Horse Trials Foundation.

Donations are 100% tax deductible according to the IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). The American Horse Trials Foundation was established in 1987 to assist 3-Day Event Riders and Organizers in raising tax deductible financial support for national and international competition. In 1996 the Bylaws were revised so that the Foundation could assist riders competing in the related disciplines of dressage and show jumping. Natalie has established grant eligibility with the AHTF. By making a tax deductible contribution to the AHTF, you will be helping  Natalie, as well as her horses, reach their goals.

For more information, you may contact the Foundation directly:

American Horse Trials Foundation, Inc.
221 Grove Cove Road
Centreville, MD 21617
443-262-9555- phone
Email: ahtf@att.net

We also like to thank any of our supporters with email updates about the farm and horses competing, trailer decals, wearing their products, course walks at competitions, invitations to farm activities, and supplying you with some Destination Eventing logo wear!

Contact us to talk to us about joining our team thru individual, corporate, or investment sponsorship.


Natalie & Shining Star

Natalie & Shining Star

Natalie & High-Tech

Natalie and High-Tech

Natalie and Virginia's Ready to Rock

Natalie and Virginia’s Ready to Rock

Natalie with owner Virginia at the KHP

Natalie with owner Virginia at the KHP